Nickel alloys have proven to be a vital component in the aeronautical and space industry. The Inconel range, including NIMONIC alloy 75, is well-known for its use in both civilian and military jet engines. The versatility of these alloys is evident in their wide range of applications in the aerospace sector.

In space program components, nickel alloys provide the ideal solution to withstand the extreme temperatures and conditions that rockets face. The Inconel range is used in many parts of modern rocket engines, such as waveguides, heat shields, thrust chambers, and more. These alloys are also resistant to corrosion and heat, making them the perfect choice for space applications.

Inconel 600 is widely used in the aerospace industry for its resistance to heat and corrosion. It has excellent mechanical properties and is used in a variety of components such as lockwire, exhaust liners, and turbine seals. Inconel 601 is also used in jet engines and aerospace for its high strength and resistance to high-temperature oxidation and corrosion.

NIMONIC alloy 75, another member of the Inconel family, is used for applications requiring oxidation and scaling resistance and high operating temperatures. The super alloys are also readily fabricated and welded. UDIMET alloy 720 is another example of a super alloy that provides high-strength solutions for disc and blading applications in the aerospace sector.